About Us


We believe in people over process and process over product. In other words, our people are our number one priority. Whether you join our cast or crew, submit a play or are a member of our audience, you are family. And we are creating with you in mind.
We create to reclaim history, reimagine the present and explore possible futures
Our Story

How we started

Our Beginning
Founded in 2014, MOJOAA Performing Arts Company has always had a "Family First" mentality. With the founding members, Robin C. Marshall and Monet N. Marshall, being a mother and daughter team, they had a vision to create a Black community theater space specifically for Black stories to be told. This vision was so important to the Marshall family because oftentimes we find that so many Black stories and Black experiences go untold and eventually get lost or forgotten.
Our Growth
Since the founding of MOJOAA, we have been taking audiences on journeys into the Black experience. From gospel plays and otherworldly dramas, to Kwanzaa stories and interactive and immersive presentations, we are committed to exploring and expanding Southern Black stories.

The Mission of MOJOAA

We champion Southern Black Playwrights and the worlds they create with their words.

We write and produce world premieres, underproduced plays and immersive performances that center the expansive Black experience.

We create to reclaim history, reimagine the present and explore possible futures.

MOJOAA's Beliefs

Uplifting Southern Black Talent

MOJOAA believes that Southern Black Playwrights create vibrant worlds that deserve to be explored with rigor, enthusiasm and care.
We believe that the immense talent of Southern Black actors require work that reflects and expands them. And we believe that Southern Black folks deserve to witness and be witnessed in the theatre they experience.

Artistic Policy & Inclusion

We welcome people from ALL walks of life.

Diversity & Inclusion:
We center Black people, Black playwrights and Black stories. And we know that in order to tell our stories, we need all people as our stories are all interconnected. We welcome artists of all races and ethnicities, sexual orientations, genders, religions, levels of education and experience, ages, abilities and economic status to join us.

Artistic Opportunities:
As a community theatre, we are looking to grow and provide opportunities to community members who are Teaching Artists and Educators in Theatre, Musical Theatre and Dance.

It is important that our performances, events, and workshops are accessible to all. We are working to expand our accessibility measures including, but not limited to: Transcripts of our podcast episodes will be made available; ASL interpretation during at least one of our performances for every production; Utilizing performance venues that are ADA compliant; Large print editions of our programs and audio description are available upon request; Advanced notice of triggering themes, sounds or visual effects.